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Tai Lake Stone Screen

A set of modern and interesting table screen implying traditional Chinese culture. The whole sculpture is integrated with Tai Lake stone (famous for being exquisitely carved in natural way in the “city of crafts” Suzhou) element. The frame design feeds aesthetic preference for modern people that it gives up heavy and complicated wood but to choose simple metal to frame three abstract Tai Lake stone appearance. The surface is implemented elements from Chinese traditional paintings and exquisitely embroidered by experienced crafters from Suzhou. High quality fabric in various color is selected for upgrading flexibility. Different from traditional embroidery presentation, the set separates one picture into three parts on three pieces and makes the surface get effects of misplacement and superposition, increasing value of appreciation and playability. It is ornamentally made up of three independent screens for the set, so that people can combine as wishes to create different visual effect. Tai Lake Stone screen has table set and ground set.

杨 明洁